Beatitude 001

  1. Those who seek stature through the reactions of others may define themselves by same, depriving their Selves of Substance.
  2. Shall I assume a reflection to be true, on the basis of its mere existence, without knowing the quality of the reflector? Tin foil does not a Mirror make.
  3. Shall I say that, because I can find no better reflection, that this is the best there is? Am I a superior judge of such quality then, whose assessment is worth more than that of others, that I may disregard all else?
  4. Shall I assume to judge others' thoughts based upon my own limited experience? Shall I think lesser of others because they will never know everything I experience?
  5. For as no One can see into your mind, so can you not see into Theirs'.
  6. Therefore, before one passes judgment upon others, know beyond doubt that one knows all about them. As one can never know all about a thing, can one ever really judge it?  Since we rarely suppress our urge to judge, what then does it serve to judge others?  Does it make us better somehow to define for ourselves that we surpass the existence of others, that we may walk in the world with something we did not have before defining others as less than ourselves?
  7. To prop oneself up on the basis of the definitions of others is a lie to oneself, and others; a denial of others' freedom to think for themselves. To judge for others is to assume superiority over others. Shall I proclaim how I know better, before the world, that the world shall know better as well? Or shall I do so in order to make the world less than myself?
  8. How much more an insufficient self-image shows, through the assessment of others in a lesser light. The hole revealed, by the donut itself.
  9. Therefore raise your Self, making an example for others, should they care to follow it.
  10. Choose then to build from one's own foundation, not others', that your own House may be what you wish it to be; and not a Temple to judgment and the derision of others, which is naught but a distraction from your own purpose here.

SPG, 2 April 1999

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